Sr. Full-Stack Developer

Join as a founding team member. Provide support throughout the entire stack, including the Web (React.js) & Mobile (React Native) clients and the Back-End (Node.js, Express, MongoDB)

Job Description


Our mission is to enable a data-driven culture for teams of all sizes.

So we're on the road to build the world’s easiest data solution.

Recently raised $1m in pre-seed, backed by 500 Startups.

Forming a team of A-Players.


  • Role: Founding Engineer (Full-Stack)
  • Salary: > $3,000
  • Stock: 0.5%-1.5%
  • Fully Remote
  • Flexible Work Hrs

Challenge & Opportunity

  • Help discover product-market-fit via iterations
  • Shape the initial culture & vision of the company
  • Autonomously own & lead a major platform
  • Build a world-class product from the ground-up
  • Build this thing into a Unicorn -> get very generous stock rewards


  • Report to the CEO
  • Join a team of 4 extremely talented senior engineers
  • Own, build & maintain an entire domain (i.e. Web Project, API, Mobile App, Integrations)
  • Make leading contributions to the entire tech-stack & architecture
  • Come up with creative solutions to business & technical problems
  • Set the initial tech-culture & processes in the company
  • Provide mentorship to juniors


  • 5+ Yrs Experience
  • 3+ years of experience in large-scale applications
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript(ES6+), Typescript, React or React Native
  • Experienced in creating RESTful Apis & microservice architecture
  • Knowledge in Node.js
  • Experience with document-oriented databases (i.e. MongoDB, Couchbase)
  • Excels in industry best-practices & standards
  • Up-to-date & ahead of modern-technologies
  • Takes a results/value driven approach (no over-engineering)
  • Passionately wants to be in a startup environment
  • Eagerness to work in a fast-paced environment
  • High-proficiency in English

Our Values

  • Iterative & lean product development
  • Data, research, customer driven
  • Autonomous team of A Players
  • Hackers, makers, creators
  • Simplicity & elegance > complexity
  • Customer value > engineering challenge
  • Positive attitude

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