Agile Visual Analytics and Data Preparation

An agile, collaborative tool that helps you prepare, explore, analyze and share your data.

Data Visualization, The Right Way

At DataPad we believe visualization can be beautiful especially if it serves its purpose. By building on years of perceptual research studies, we are engineering a visualization system that is best suited for human eyes to see and for the brain to understand. With DataPad, finding insights in your data is a breeze: our smart defaults and intelligent tools help you choose the right visualization for the job, every time.

Effortlessly Prepare Your Data

Turning data into something that analysis software can work with is often a messy process. We make data munging and integration easier with visual tools to perform the most common reshaping, filtering, joining and cleaning operations. Our data manipulation tools are always available at your fingertips, so as you progress through your analysis, you spend more time working and less time switching tools.

Work From Anywhere

The ability to work anywhere there's a modern browser has transformed email, office tools, creative tools… it's time for data tools to be available at a moment's notice too. No messy license management, no lengthy installation of software… just log in, do your magic, share it with your team. Even if it's in a remote internet cafe or on a colleague's laptop.

Discover Insights Together

A well balanced team can create results that no individual can achieve alone. Extracting knowledge from data requires a great amount of statistical skills and subject matter expertise that are often hard to find concentrated in one person. That's why DataPad helps your team come together to collaborate more easily and produce great results.

Built for a Data-Centric World

The Business Analyst

Analysts are expected to help business make the best decisions based on objective data. Doing it on a schedule, that can be challenging. DataPad provides a unified data workflow that lets you spend more time with your data and less time moving it from tool to tool.

The Data Scientist

Data scientists are sometimes treated as "chief report officers". We want to help Data Scientists do more of what they love by providing an environment where they can help business users make sense of their data in a fraction of the time. And over time, help them create a library of common analysis and patterns to ease their workload. Finally, a service for data scientists.

The Data Journalist

The demand for data-driven content creation is enormous, but tools to help with this creative process are still lacking. DataPad is here to fill this gap: intuitive data manipulation, visualization and collaboration make DataPad an excellent choice for data journalists.

The Data Driven Professional

We are building DataPad for all kinds of data-driven professionals. If data is central to your decision-making process, DataPad will work for you.

Join the Team

Our mission is to change the world of data visualization and analytics tools for good. Our team is based in lovely San Francisco, California. If you want to be part of DataPad, send us a message to telling us why you would work with us and what would you bring to the table (and maybe even send us a resume).

DataPad helps you find insights faster.