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Consolidate all your KPIs to access everything in a zap.
It's so easy, even grandmas can use it!

Consolidate all your KPIs to access everything in a zap. It's so easy, even grandmas can use it!

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Choose from an ever-growing list of pre-built integrations. All you need to get started is to login with your provider. Your data is always fetched in real-time so you don't have to worry about extra costs or scheduling.

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Datapad offers the easiest spreadsheet experience:  highlight your data range, customize your chart & hit save.
Just keep editing your sheets as always and enjoy real-time updates on your charts.

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The only tool that was easy enough to adopt

Ahmet Onur
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Life-Saver for small teams, other solutions were way too complex

George Chasiotis
Managing D, Minuttia

Now our entire team gathers around KPIs

Doğan Yalçındağ
Founder & CEO, Blutv


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In order to build a great product, we need great customer feedback. So while datapad is in it's early stages we can offer a very competitive price to gather more user feedback.

Can I have unlimited dashboards?
Can I have unlimited clients?
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