Tackling Data Security

The security of your data is our primary concern. We work with the top technology providers in the world to ensure high security.

Security of your data

  • Datapad operates on Google Cloud Platform, where your data is physically stored. GCP is a GDPR-compliant cloud platform and your data is kept safe. Learn more about this: https://cloud.google.com/privacy/gdpr
  • The user authentication process is being handled by Firebase and no one can access your login information besides you.

Network security

  • All of the network traffic of Datapad is transmitted with HTTPS and is 100% encrytped. All of our servers are maintained within Amazon's VPCs.

Security within Datapad

  • Each third party integration that you establish with Datapad is encrypted and stored in our database, so we can continuously update your metrics with the user credentials you've provided.
  • Our privilege system enables you to set authorization levels on metric/dashboard level, giving you the full flexibility while maintaining data privacy within workspaces as well.
  • Our monitoring service is on the job 7/24, alerting the team if any action is necessary. We aim to prevent any downtime

Keeping up the security

  • Our build tools constantly check our codebase to make sure, we are on the latest and most secure versions of our third party tools, so no malicious code can abuse our system.
  • Before each development, we dwell on the security aspect to make sure we are not creating any new vulnerabilities.

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