We Tested 9 Best Geckoboard Alternatives and Here’s Our Review [Updated January 2024]

Cem Ruso
Cem Ruso
January 26, 2024
January 26, 2024

Geckoboard alternatives that we’ve tested over the years are Datapad, Microsoft Power BI, Zoho Analytics, Databox, Scoro, Datapine, SimpleKPI, InfoCaptor, and Klipfolio.

In this article, you will discover the top free and paid Geckoboard competitors you can use to create dashboards, drill down on data, and bank some cash.

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But before we start!

If you’re short on time, here’s a tl;dr of the best tools you can use to replace Geckoboard:

Geckoboard alternatives comparison table

We will cover the features of every alternative mentioned above in detail, but before we do that, let’s look at some potential reasons to switch from Geckoboard to another dashboard tool.

Before we begin here is a short video for you:

Why Might You Look for a Geckoboard Alternative?

Geckoboard is a decent tool, but the tool has some disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of the major ones.

Reason #1: Geckoboard is Expensive

Geckoboard offers you three plans - Essential, Pro, and Scale.

If you want to create a single dashboard on Geckoboard, you will have to pay $49/mo, which is nowhere close to Geckoboard's competitors like Databox (Free first dashboard).

G2 negative Geckoboard review

It’s no secret that everyone starts small, but when you decide to scale your business and create multiple dashboards to track multiple SKUs, Geckoboard could burn a hole in your pocket.


Suppose you want to onboard 20 team members and build 30 dashboards for your company. If you plan to track KPIs with Geckoboard, do you know how much it would cost?

You will have to go with Geckoboard’s Scale plan for 30 dashboards, and that’s $699/month.

Why pay so much when you have several Geckoboard competitors to try out in the market?

Reason #2: Poor Customization Features

When it comes to KPI tracking, customization is a prominent feature to look for. 

G2 negative geckoboard review - 2

To build a highly personalized KPI dashboard, you must use a tool that lets you create a dashboard from scratch and customize it the way you want.

Let’s imagine you are the CEO of an email marketing agency and have multiple clients. 

It’s a no-brainer that every client will demand tracking of different KPIs that they think might make or break their email campaigns. If you tell them you can’t do that, you will probably lose the client.

So why wait for this to happen if you can just switch to a better Geckoboard alternative right away.

Reason #3: Lacks Premium Features that Other Software Have

Geckoboard lacks some premium features like Shopify filters and has relatively less data from Instagram.

Shopify is the biggest source for merchants to launch their eCommerce stores.

It’s the most used platform in the US and holds a market share of 31%.

pie chart for ecommerce technologies being used


KPI tracking is one of the primary objectives of any eCommerce store, no matter the niche they’re in; that’s how they track, scale, and become profitable.

Unfortunately, Geckoboard just has a handful of Shopify filters - not enough to dig deep into the data.

One other feature that needs attention is data pulling from Instagram. The platform has this feature but lacks depth.

People love shopping on Instagram. According to Hootsuite, 44% of active Instagram users use it to shop weekly; that’s huge!

Apart from the three major drawbacks above, there are some others as well. 

For example:

  • You can only display data points that Geckoboard sets
  • The dashboard might lose connection anytime, which can lead to data loss
  • Google sheets or any other spreadsheets might lose their formatting during integration

When it comes to functionality, Geckoboard is limited and offers basic KPI tracking dashboards. It lacks complex features and isn’t pocket-friendly. 

Over the years, we’ve tested some free as well as paid KPI dashboards and curated a list of top software that can serve as a great Geckoboard alternative.

Let’s start with the free ones.

4 Best Free Geckoboard Alternatives 

#1. Datapad

Datapad helps you track all essential metrics from stunning dashboards.

The beauty of Datapad lies in its simplicity and ease-of-use. With our tool, anyone in your team with zero technical knowledge can start building reports in mere seconds.

As a go-to solution for Agencies, Datapad makes it easy to onboard new customers with 1-click templates and share performance reports with read-only links.

Datapad also makes it easy to collaborate as a team with the ability to drop comments on KPI cards.

The AI insights tool lets anyone detect anomalies in their data and provides actionable to-do items to increase performance.

Key Feature #1. Templates

Google Analytics Dashboard Template, Datapad

Creating reports for your business is no easy task. You have to determine a lot from which metrics to chose to designing the right charts.

If you are an agency and want to create the same reports for multiple clients, then this hassle becomes even more burdensome.

Guess what? Datapad lets you do all this with just a few clicks.

With Datapad's templating features, you can:

  • Choose from a gallery of pre-designed templates and apply them with 1-click
  • Build a custom dashboard and re-use it as a template by changing it's sources
  • Share all connected data sources in the workspace with your teammates

Key Feature #2. Team Collaboration

Collaboration around KPIs is easy with Datapad

Tracking KPIs isn't a one-person job when you have a lot of them; you need a team. But not all KPI dashboard tools let you bring your team on board. 

Guess what? Datapad lets you do it quickly and easily. 

Moreover, you can assign individual team members tasks to handle, goals to achieve, and metrics to measure.

With Datapad's team collaboration feature, you can:

  • Get notified whenever there’s an update for any metrics and KPIs you track
  • Communicate around your metrics and KPIs with your team members
  • Get push notifications on your phone to stay updated with all your KPIs

Key Feature #3. Automated Reports & Scorecards

Wouldn't it be great if you could check your business KPIs first thing in the morning, straight from your inbox?

With our dashboard software, you can subscribe to any dashboard and receive daily email updates.

All you have to do is build a dashboard, click the subscribe button and set your email preferences.

The best part is you can share reports with anyone, even emails outside of your organization or workspace.

Step 1: Subscribe to a dashboard

Step 2: Check your inbox

Scorecard Example

With Datapad’s report and scorecard automation, you can:

  • Subscribe to any dashboard
  • Receive daily highlights around all KPIs
  • Send reports to users in and outside of your organization
  • Customize the date range, calculation and styling of KPIs


Datapad has a free tier that includes 1 dashboard. If you want more, you can upgrade to the $30 Standard Plan which includes 3 dashboards and scales with your usage. Datapad also offers a Business Plan tailored for agencies and includes dedicated customer support.

We are now offering an earlybird discount to all users, so it's a great time to signup and give Datapad a spin.

#2. Microsoft Power BI

Power BI homepage screenshot

Power BI by Microsoft lets you create rich and interactive data reports with advanced visual analytics tools. Microsoft has done a great job keeping its Power BI up to date by publishing monthly updates.

Note: You can set up a free dashboard in Microsoft's Power BI desktop plan only.

Let’s look at its features.


  • No matter where you store your business data, be it Salesforce, Azure, or Excel, with Microsoft Power BI, you can access it instantly
  • The platform has several data modeling tools, and a self-serve power query experience that automates and saves you hours of manual work
  • It has advanced features like quick measures, grouping, forecasting, and clustering, with which you can dig deeper into data and spot trends
  • Has augmented analytics that explores data, automatically finds patterns, and predicts the future accordingly
  • Either use Microsoft's prebuilt templates to create interactive dashboards or create a template with an open-source custom visuals framework

Pricing: Microsoft Power BI Desktop is a free-to-use app. But, apart from the free plan, you can also opt for Power BI Pro (£7.50 per user/mo) or Power BI Premium (£15.10 per user/mo or £3,766.70 per capacity/mo)

#3. Zoho Analytics

zoho analytics homepage

Zoho Analytics is a business analytics platform that offers a powerful suite of analytical and visualization tools. 


  • Easy-to-use connectors allow you to connect multiple data points like files, feeds, and business apps together
  • Build interactive reports from various pre-built charts, widgets, pivot tables, and other elements the platform offers
  • Set your business on autopilot with Zoho's smart AI and easily generate insights, predict future trends, perform analysis, and much more
  • In-built role-based management feature for secured sharing and hassle-free collaborations with different departments
  • A robust set of APIs and embedded BI for a scalable and highly-customizable low-code analytical solution (developers can write SQL queries if needed)


Zoho analytics comes with a 15-day free trial. If you don’t want to continue with a paid plan after your trial ends, Zoho has a free plan too. The free plan offers 2 users, 10k rows, and unlimited reports and dashboards. 

#4. Databox

databox dashboard page

Databox is a KPI dashboard creation software that allows you to collect, track, and measure your business performance with a unified dashboard.

In addition, the platform offers real-time data processing and updates to keep you notified wherever you or your team members add or remove any data.


  • Comes with a no-code dashboard designer that offers the flexibility to customize the dashboard with multiple data points, visualization tools, and 200+ pre built templates
  • Goal tracking feature to measure and analyze your current performance against set goals in real-time
  • Create performance score cards and get updated on key metrics daily, weekly, or monthly via various channels
  • Has a collection of drill-down templates to let you dive deep into your business performance and insights


Databox's pricing plan offers a free-forever plan. The plan includes 3 data connections, all standard features, and integrates with the likes of Google Analytics, Slack, Facebook, and 60+ other platforms. It also has paid plans ranging from $91/mo to $289/mo.

5 Best Paid Geckoboard Alternatives 

#5. Scoro

scoro homepage

Scoro is an all-in-one SaaS solution that assists businesses in efficient work management and data-driven decision-making. One of its products is creating reports and a dashboard to track essential KPIs in any industry.


  • Instead of shuffling through multiple tools, Scoro enables you to manage your team’s productivity and business profitability in one place
  • Assists in holistic management of projects by analyzing them, monitoring risk areas, and creating complex reports in just clicks
  • All the business dashboards and reports you create on Scoro are real-time, so you don’t have to wait for your data to refresh
  • Set unique and mandatory data fields to ensure good quality data hygiene with Scoro 


Scoro comes with a 14-day free trial period, after which you get started with the paid plan. 

Note: If you're an individual, you will have to contact Scoro's sales team and get a customized plan. Scoro's paid plans require a minimum of 5 users onboard. It offers 3 plans to choose from:

  • Essential: $28/user/mo 
  • Standard: $42/user/mo
  • Pro: $71/user/mo

#6. Datapine 

datapine homepage

Datapine is a self-service business intelligence software that empowers businesses to build their story from data. It has a collection of over 80+ professional dashboards, each embedded with hand-picked KPIs to support the cause.


  • Gives easy and centralized access to all the critical metrics under one dashboard
  •  Datapine’s role-based management helps you regulate how, when, and who can access the critical data
  • Present your data to non-technical colleagues with easy-to-understand geographical maps, charts, pivot tables, and dynamic reports
  • Its advanced filtering option allows you to drill-down data piles and extracts key information in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Share live data with your team and stakeholders with a single click; export reports in multiple formats or schedule automated reports at your leisure


Similar to Scoro, Datapine offers a 14-day free trial. After the trial, you can choose a paid plan that suits your needs. The software has four plans to choose from:

  • Basic: $249/mo
  • Professional: $449/mo
  • Premium: $799/mo
  • Branding and Embedded: $1099/mo

#7. SimpleKPI

simpleKPI dashboard

SimpleKPI is a powerful performance management software that helps create easy-to-understand dashboards and interactive reports. It's simple to use and affordable for all sizes of businesses.


  • SimpleKPI helps you transform complex data into visuals and add them to a real-time dashboard 
  • Generate and export comprehensive KPI reports with in-depth performance analysis in PDF, Word, or Excel
  • Measure, analyze, and monitor your data from multiple data points and perspectives to discover hidden opportunities
  • Has analytics features to track and decipher the reason behind data spikes
  • Comes with advanced data analytics tools that help you see through data and find hidden opportunities that can sky-rocket your company’s revenue


With SimpleKPI, you can avail a 14-day risk-free trial. Additionally, it has a relatively simple pricing policy of $99/month (save 10% on annual billing) with unlimited users, dashboards, and KPIs.

#8. InfoCaptor

infocaptor homepage

InfoCaptor is a web-based business intelligence tool capable of addressing complex enterprise databases. The tool's affordability makes it a strong Geckoboard alternative.


  • No need to gather data from multiple data points, InfoCaptor connects to all data that includes MySQL, Oracle, and many more 
  • Explore and drill down your data sets to gain hidden insights that add up to your business performance growth
  • InfoCaptor's easy drag-and-drop feature lets you create stunning data visualization and build a professional dashboard from scratch
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with its services


Besides the free trial, InfoCaptor premium services start at $39/month. It also offers a free 60 minutes dashboard consultation for new users. 

#9. Klipfolio

Klipfolio dashboard

Klipfolio is a modern-age data analysis platform serving data-driven business leaders and their teams to make better decisions. It’s an old player in this market with great reviews on the websites like G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.

Read more: Databox vs. Klipfolio vs. Datapad: Which Tool is Best For You in 2022?


  • Experience faster and better data-driven decision-making with an all-in-one dashboard that shows meaningful KPIs first
  • Quickly upload and analyze raw data on dashboards with a simple architecture on the back-end - no coding required
  • Klipfolio integrations with Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, and more lets you create reports and visualize your data easily
  • Unlike on-premise solution, Klipfolio enables you to retrieve data from the cloud-based architecture anytime you want
  • Lets you access the platform via a native app for iOS and Android as well as web browsers


Apart from its freemium version, Klipfolio offers a variety of premium plans with distinct features. The most popular are the plus plan ($139/ month) and the pro plan ($299/ month).

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, Geckoboard is a good KPI tracking tool, but why settle for good if you can have the best?

All the Geckoboard alternatives mentioned above are the best ones as per our testing.

We suggest you try some of them (or all if you’re really serious about KPIs) and see which one suits your business. 

But if you want to decide fast, we’d suggest you try out Datapad. It’s a free tool that’d help you track KPIs on your mobile.


What Is Geckoboard Used For?

Geckoboard is a dashboard software that allows users to aggregate data from various sources to view their metrics and KPIs. With Geckoboard you can keep up to date with your metrics and collaborate with your team by sharing your dashboards.

Is Geckoboard Free?

You can try it for free but Geckoboard is not Free. They charge you per dashboards and you can get started with one dashboard for $39 per month.

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