Cyfe vs. Geckoboard vs. Datapad: Which Tool is Best For You? [2023]

Cem Ruso
Cem Ruso
March 25, 2023
March 25, 2023

If we say that every KPI tool is perfect for everyone, you won't believe us.

Just like the uniqueness of the movie Godfather - Cyfe, Geckoboard, and Datapad are unique in their way.  

Here's an overview:

  • Cyfe is an easy-to-use tool for freelancers and businesses to monitor and visualize their business performance
  • Geckoboard is designed for team leads who want to amplify the visibility of KPIs, monitor employee performance, and react fast to changes
  • Datapad is a mobile-friendly tool for individual marketers and small to medium-sized businesses who want to track KPIs on the go quickly and easily

But before jumping to these conclusions, we performed an extensive comparison of the tools - Features, Integrations, Customer Reviews - and then we were able to justify our conclusion.

So, in this article, you know what you're going to find, but if you love productive shortcuts, you can sign up to Datapad for free and test our tool's features.

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Datapad vs. Cyfe vs. Geckoboard Features

All three tools specialize in providing real-time dashboarding solutions. However, as we said, they have their unique way of monitoring and addressing business KPIs.

Let's get started by comparing their key features.

Datapad Features

Datapad is a mobile-friendly tool tailored to fit all your business KPIs into your pocket.

Our tool is designed in a way to let you collect, monitor, and edit KPIs from anywhere around the world.

We have tirelessly worked and engineered all the key features that a typical dashboard reporting tool must have.

Here're a few features that we cherish:

#1. Easy Dashboard Creation 

Being a mobile-first software, you might think dashboard creation may be tedious. But surprisingly, our team has reverse-engineered this myth.

Datapad allows you to create beautiful dashboards within minutes, even while holding a coffee cup in one hand.

Datapad create a dashboard

With our platform's user-friendly interface, you can customize every section of your dashboard - colors, charts, tables, KPI cards - without writing a single line of code.

Creating dashboards on software involves a bit of a learning curve. However, our tool has a comparatively lower learning curve than Cyfe and Geckoboard. Therefore, we proudly call it one of the most comfortable dashboarding solutions for beginners.

#2. Team Collaboration

Another cool feature of Datapad is team collaboration. Cyfe and Geckoboard have a team collaboration feature, but it’s not as quick as Datapad.

add user in app datapad

What's more, Datapad helps you communicate with your team in real-time. For example, you and your team can simply comment under a KPI you're tracking to broadcast messages. 

datapad in app commenting feature

With a single tap, you can easily:

  • Onboard team members
  • Assign tasks and set goals for every KPI
  • Easily communicate around metrics
  • Get real-time notifications and alerts

Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose one of your KPIs is trending downwards and seeks immediate attention. Unlike Cyfe or Geckoboard, where you're asked to share the dashboard with the team and communicate over slack or other channels.

Datapad allows you to leave a comment under that particular KPI, send alerts to your team, and share opinions in the comment section, all in real-time.

This feature is a life-saver when dealing with time-sensitive situations. Thereby helping you make tough calls and collaborative data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

#3. Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

When it comes to mobile-friendly dashboards, our tool has got the upper hand.

Cyfe and Geckoboard don’t have a dedicated mobile app for their software. Cyfe provides mobile-friendly dashboards, but that's not even close to what our tool offers.

datapad dashboard overview

Dashboards designed with our tool are flawlessly optimized for responsiveness and are compatible with all known small-screen devices.

In addition, it's optimized for lightning-fast speed and sheer performance. Thereby avoiding any lags or delays in tracking your business performance.

On a second note, dashboards created on Cyfe and Geckoboard can be viewed on mobile phones, but as they are not entirely optimized for mobile devices, you're left scrolling down or zooming in through your dashboard to track KPIs.

Datapad's mobile-friendly app allows you to:

  • Get instant access (view and edit) to important KPIs
  • Build mobile optimized dashboards (no double work for desktop)
  • Blazing-fast loading time and smooth navigation across pages
  • Powerful data visualization tools 

#4. Automatic and Manual Data Entry

Although Cyfe and Geckoboard may hold top positions in terms of integrations, Datapad, being comparatively new software, provides advanced data control with automatic and manual data entry capabilities.

Datapad's robust integrations allow you to easily import data from multiple sources into one unified dashboard with a click.

Datapad add metric with data sources

Or, if you feel like the database is too large and want to segment your data, you can manually input the data you want to monitor.

datapad add metric manually

Cyfe Features

Cyfe, being a popular all-in-one tool, has a lot to bring to the table. Therefore, we reviewed its key features.

#1. Advanced Dashboard Creation

Cyfe has an extensive gallery of dashboard templates and 250+ metrics to help you easily and quickly create dashboards. From social media dashboard templates to web analytics and youtube - you can find tailored dashboards for every purpose.

cyfe vs geckoboard features

Although Cyfe doesn't have a mobile version of its platform, the dashboards are designed to be mobile-friendly.

Besides this, Cyfe allows you to create dashboards in 15 different languages. To change language, simply navigate to Settings > Change language and customize your dashboard language as preferred by your co-workers or clients.

You can also create custom dashboards and metrics by blending multiple data points from completely different data connectors. 

#2. Team Collaborations

Team collaboration is an essential feature of any dashboard reporting tool. 

For the most part, Cyfe doesn't allow you to communicate over its platform; however, you can export your dashboard with a click, as shown below.

cyfe export dashboard feature

Or, you can share your dashboard with teams and stakeholders via smart links. 

Since we talked about uniqueness, Cyfe offers a share-to-TV feature allowing you to display dashboards in conferences or meetings. Or even throughout the office to avoid blindspots and keep your team aligned with the trends.

In short, to support team collaboration, Cyfe allows you to:

  • Schedule automatic email reports of your data in multiple formats
  • Get alerts regarding team activities or change in KPI trends via email or SMS
  • Use the share-to-TV feature to share live dashboards on office TV screens
  • Share dashboards via smart link or as csv

#3. White-Label Customizations

Now, this is something that Datapad doesn't offer (not yet), and Geckoboard offers it as an add-on.

Cyfe, however, has pre-embedded white-labeling options to customize your dashboard with the look and feel of your organization.

You can create branded reports by customizing everything from your domain name to dashboard backgrounds and more.

#4. Mobile-Optimization

Compared to Datapad, Cyfe doesn't have a dedicated mobile app. But this doesn't stop its dashboards from being mobile-friendly. Cyfe web-based app is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. And so it's easy to monitor your dashboard from mobile phones.

However, when we tried configuring the widget, we encountered a pop-up.

Cyfe mobile dashboard

Yes, for configuring or customizing KPI cards, you need to sit in front of your desktop. Unfortunately, that isn't a mobile-friendly thing we found here.

But fortunately, we built Datapad to keep you away from desktops. 🤓

Moving on to what Geckoboard has to offer.

Geckoboard Features

Undoubtedly, Geckoboard is a leading business intelligence KPI dashboarding software that helps you create amazing business dashboards. In fact, 1000s of companies trust it for KPI tracking and visualization purposes.

So let's compare its features with that of Cyfe and Datapad.

#1. Create Professional Dashboards

Geckoboard dashboard

Compared to Cyfe and Datapad, Geckoboard has a comprehensive dashboard layout. Its dashboards allow you to:

  • Easily update or swap metrics
  • Spot interesting trends and spikes
  • Capability of presenting real-time data without much lag
  • Show how different parts of the business are performing without compiling reports
  • Call out start performers and keep morale high

You can also use filters to select the exact metrics and ranges you need and visualize them the way you like.

#2. Team Collaboration

Dashboards created via Geckoboard have a dedicated section for star performers. Meaning that you can include the information of your top-performing employees within the dashboard.

This gets better with Geckobaord's display-to-TV feature, which allows you to display live dashboards on TV screens.

geckoboard team collaboration

Imagine your name surfacing on the big TV screen in your office, quite a day for you! (if it's for a good thing, of course, 🤣)

You can also share dashboard links with your remote team members or schedule dashboard snapshots to send via email or slack.

#3. Ease of Data Import 

In terms of data importing, Geckoboard might have the upper hand on Datapad due to its vast number of integrations and collection of robust APIs.

Geckoboard data connectors list

In addition, its one-click integration feature helps you collect data from literally anywhere.

You can quickly drill down your data and generate hidden insights by mixing custom metrics from multiple platforms.

Datapad vs. Cyfe vs. Geckoboard Supported Integrations


Building a full-fledged dashboard with very little data is a nightmare for business owners. And hence, with Datapad, you get one-click integrations to multiple data sources and platforms. You can pull in all your data with ease from popular platforms, including:

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

Our team is tirelessly working on integrating some of the popular data sources such as Shopify, Tableau, HubSpot, and more.

Datapad integrations


Cyfe has close to 100 data sources, which makes it ace the game of integrations when compared to Datapad and Geckoboard. Some of its integrations include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce
  • MailChimp
  • Shopify
  • Google AdSense

Plus, it has one-click integrations to various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more. You can even request custom integrations by filling out the 'Data Source Request' form on their integrations page.

cyfe integrations


With Geckoboard, you can import data from over 80+ data sources. Some of its popular integrations include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Github
  • HubSpot
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Shopify

The platform also allows you to pull additional data using spreadsheets, databases, Zapier integrations, Zendesk, and custom APIs. Moreover, similar to Cyfe, you can request other integration by filling out a simple form.

Geckoboard integrations

Wrapping Up Integrations

If we compare by number, Cyfe holds the top spot with over 100+ integrations. 

Plus, its custom APIs assist you in pulling in data from sources that are still not integrated into Cyfe.

Datapad vs. Cyfe vs Geckoboard  Pricing

Now you might be curious about the pricing of each tool.


Our tool (Datapad) doesn't cost you anything except your time. The tool is free to use, and we're currently providing '1-on-1 onboarding' and setting things up for you.


Cyfe follows a simple pricing mode based on a fixed number of dashboards and users and offers a 14-day free trial with all its plans. Besides that, it has four premium plans:

  • Starter: $19/month
  • Standard: $29/month
  • Pro: $49/month
  • Premier: $89/month

Cyfe also offers custom plans for agencies starting at $150/month

Cyfe pricing options


Geckoboard comes with a free plan that includes a single spreadsheet-powered dashboard. However, its pricing policy is more complex than Cyfe's. What we mean is, besides the default features offered, if you increase the number of dashboards, the pricing increases drastically.

The platform offers three plans:

  • Essential: $49/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Scale: $699/month
Geckoboard pricing options

What Are Customers Saying?

Apart from our unbiased opinions, we felt the need to keep the customer's perspective first. So let's hear it out from each tool’s customers.


Here are a couple of screenshots from Product Hunt about what people think of our tool - Datapad.

“The product looks promising for people who are crazy about numbers and charts like me :) I like the design of the landing page, looks dope.” - Product Hunt.

Datapad customer review

“I'm really impressed with the Datapad! It's so easy to use and keeps all my metrics and KPIs.

The tracking features are really useful and the team management features are great.

This is a really useful app that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to stay on top of their business.” - Product Hunt.

Datapadcustomer review PH


Cyfe is a great way to share reports on social media with your clients and colleagues. When compared to other paid dashboard software in the market, Cyfe’s quite affordable as well.

Cyfe G2 review

Cyfe's customers were also positive about the ease of using the application. Now, that's great because it's a sign of a user-friendly UI/UX. 

Cyfe negative G2 review


As we said, Geckoboard provides comprehensive dashboards which allow you to cover KPIs, trends, and events at a glance. So, even if you stare at it with drowsy eyes, you will get what's going on with your business. 🥱

Geckoboard porsitive G2 review

Another response from a customer cited Geckoboard's design to be extremely user-friendly, especially when it comes to set-up and configuring user settings.

Geckoboard Negative G2 review

Wrapping Up

Our unbiased opinion?

If we talk about features, Geckoboard is superior on desktops, and Datapad is the best out of the three for mobile dashboards (iOS and Android).

Both Geckoboard and Cyfe have almost the same number of integrations and functionalities, and this is where Datapad is a little behind because it's a new tool.

Lastly, Datapad is a free-to-use mobile app, whereas you will have to pay monthly to use Cyfe and Geckoboard.