The Story Behind...

Our mission is to make KPI-tracking fun & collaborative for everyone. We hold simplicity, ease, playfulness and inclusivity above complexity and sophistication. In doing so, we aim to give a voice to those who are left out of the conversation. Read more about our story below:

Hey there! If you’re here, you’re probably interested in making data access damn easy for everyone in your team. This is exactly why we built Datapad.

Let us take you back in time to show you where this idea comes from:

With the internet everything became measurable. This led to an abundance of data.

An entire culture was born: “Being data-driven”. BI specialists & data engineers helped us create more & more sophisticated insights. Data tools proliferated.

As this progressed, both our needs and the software we use got more & more complex.

However, as data-specialists thrived, the market grossly neglected non-technical users and simpler use-cases. 

Today, data tools are great at complex tasks, but they suck at simpler ones. How long would it take you to tell me yesterday’s sessions? 3,5,10 minutes? It’s f*king 2022 for God’s sake!

  • What if you just want instant-access to a key metric?
  • What if you don’t want to jump through hoops to build a simple dashboard?
  • What if you want to spark discussions around your metrics with your entire team?

This is where the idea of Datapad came from, we are obsessed with making access to metrics making effortless!

We want to be like Dropbox for your metrics, where you can store all your metrics under one hub, create and share dashboards within seconds with your team.

Hopefully, you've got a good understanding of why we started Datapad.

Challenging the status quo is not easy these days! Check out our tool! Give us feedback! We love early adopters like you moving forward!

Hope to see you soon! XOXO